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Containment Bins For Your Site

Local governments are taking tougher stances regarding rubbish on construction sites. To keep your construction site clean and put an end to rubbish blowing off your site, we have the perfect solution. – All Fence U Rent containment bins.

Our containment bins come in two sizes, Large and Small.


Large (5.8cu mtr): 1880mm x 1880mm x 1600mm high
Small (2.9cu mtr): 1880mm x 1050mm x 1600mm high

Avoid the hassle of on the spot fines for having a bin without a lid, use one of our secured containment bins instead. Our containment bins can also be easily locked, meaning you can avoid unwanted rubbish dumping, all of which will save you money.

Our containment bins are easy to empty and are bobcat friendly – just remove one end and scoop out the rubbish. They are heavy duty to cope with any construction site, whilst also being light enough to move around the site if required.

In the later stages of construction, our containment bins are easily moved around the site without machinery. They can be stacked and stored out of the way for collection without holding up the site cleaning and landscaping.

With hundreds of these in stock and ready to go, call us today for a quote – to hire or buy.


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